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Personal support workers (PSWs) care for the elderly, injured and disabled in community care, long-term care and hospital facilities. These highly-skilled caregivers are able to handle a wide range of medical issues in the client’s home, and play an integral role in Canada’s healthcare system.

PSWs also keep their clients healthy and active. It is not uncommon for a PSW to see several clients throughout the day, providing the necessary care to ensure their needs are met.  They change beds, clean laundry, provide hands on care and therapy, offer companionship, and administer the continuity of care that helps patients and clients face life’s challenges.

This is a great time to be a personal support worker.  88% of Ontarians say they prefer to be cared for at home, and with the senior population expected to increase by 24 per cent over the next five years, the demand for PSWs will only increase.

Although “personal support worker” is the most common way to refer to caregivers, some additional titles for similar positions are:

  • hospital attendant
  • long-term care aide
  • nurse aide
  • nursing attendant
  • personal aide
  • personal care attendant
  • patient care aide
  • visiting homemaker
  • home support worker

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